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Captain Lanelle is a member of the pirate clan known as the Corsair Canards, and the captain of the pirate ship known as the Iron Vulture. She and her crew attacked a luxury spaceliner, the Stellar Swan, only to discover it was a trap set by Bucky O'Hare and his crew, after which Bucky confessed it was the quickest way to get into contact with the pirates. Bucky offered Lanelle and her crew a truce, and a full pardon for their past crimes, if they would agree to sign a treaty with the United Animal Federation to help fight against the Toad Empire. Lanelle, though intrigued, refused to sign the treaty unless the other pirate clans signed as well. Despite the attempts of Al Negator to frame the Corsair Canards, the treaty was eventually successfully signed.


Lanelle is a very smart, daring female character, one of the strongest female characters in the show. She is clever and intelligent, as well as an efficient commander and formidable fighter. She is also rather sensible, willing to aid Bucky O'Hare and his friends. She has some sense of respectability as well, shown by her offering Willy to join her crew of Corsair Canards when she observes his skills. Given that Willy is a human, this trait is intriguing.