Bucky O'Hare Wiki

Bucky O'Hare is the main character of Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars. He is the captain of the ship known as the Righteous Indignation.


Bucky is a rabbit who hails from the Planet Warren, which fell victim to the Toad Empire. Hoping to one day reclaim his planet and end the Toad Menace, Bucky joined S.P.A.C.E and became their captain. Bucky is very skilled and intelligent, being able to turn a desperate situation in his favor.


A daring, one-of-a-kind hero, Bucky is famed throughout the Aniverse for his bravery, determination, cleverness and commitment to fighting the Toad forces. He leads by example and goes to great lengths for the well-being of his friends. When everything is spiraling into chaos around him, he keeps his head and focuses on seeing the mission through. He is also snarky and possesses quite a knack for witty banter. He also does not seem to make judgements based on race or background, since he offered Willy a spot on the crew just moments after he arrived through the door portal.